Oxylator® EMX

The OXYLATOR ® should be used only by individuals who have adequate training in CPR techniques and the operation of oxygen powered resuscitators.


 The OXYLATOR ® EMX is an oxygen powered resuscitator/ inhalator which requires no power source (i.e. battery) other than the supply of compressed oxygen in an appropriate cylinder or wall outlet. The oxygen supply hose of the OXYLATOR ® should be connected to its pressurized source supplying a minimum constant flow of 30 litres per minute and between 45 psig to 80 psig or 3.0 bar to 5.5 bar. During the continuous cycling mode, the inspiratory flow of oxygen will be initiated upon complete, continuous depression of the OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON. A sensing chamber in the OXYLATOR ® allows airway pressure to increase to the maximum limit set, at which point the system shuts off the inspiratory flow, allowing passive exhalation to take place. Upon sensing the completion of the exhalation phase, the valve automatically resets and allows the inspiratory flow to start a new cycle. Cycling continues as long as required, provided the OXYLATOR ® is connected to pressurized oxygen and its OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON is continuously, fully depressed. The inhalation mode is activated by rotating the INHALATOR KNOB counterclockwise allowing the oxygen flow to be mixed with ambient air with a patient's own inspiratory effort. The flow in the inhalation mode vents out of the valve and does not subject the patient's airway to any pressurization, permitting patients to breathe unassisted. If a return to automatic cycling mode is needed, full and continuous depression of the OXYGEN RELEASE BUTTON is required. This automatically overrides the inhalation mode.

- Meets ISO 10651-5:2006 Resuscitators Intended for Use with Humans
- Meets American Heart Association Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary
    Resuscitation and Emergency       Cardiovascular Care. Part 6: Advanced
    Cardio Vascular Life Support, Section 3: "Adjuncts for Oxygenation,
    Ventilation, and Airway Control
- Extremely light-weight, impact resistant and durable
- Simple to learn
- Easy to use
- Single use, quick change filter element
- Few moving parts, minimal maintenance required
- Adjustable airway pressure limiting from 20 cm to 45 cm of H O2
- Constant maximum flow rate of 30 litres per minute
- Manual and continuous cycling
- Built-in inhalator capability
- Compatible with oxygen supply tanks and regulators supplying
    between 45 and 80 psig inlet pressure and constant minimum
    flow rate of 30 litres per minute
- Hold-down oxygen release mechanism
- PEEP capability
- Eliminates the risk of "air trapping" or "stacked breath"
- FIO of 1.0 during resuscitation 2
- Oxygen powered, no waste of O supply for operation 2
- Audible and visual indication of airway obstruction
Modes of Oxylator® EMX

1. MANUALLY ACTIVATED CYCLE FOR NON BREATHING PATIENT - The inhalator knob (13) is closed. Inspiratory flow can be initiated for a single cycle by depressing the oxygen release button (1) and holding it down until the OXYLATOR ® EMX releases at the end of the inspiratory phase, or until chest expansion is considered sufficient for adequate ventilatory exchange and the oxygen release button (1) is let go. Passive exhalation will then take place. The inspiratory phase should be restricted to 2 seconds in an adult and 1 second in a child. The level of pressure release is set by rotating the pressure release selector (10) to the desired value. A new inspiratory cycle can then be initiated by depressing the oxygen release button (1) once again upon completion of exhalation. This mode will not maintain a baseline pressure (PEEP) and upon complete exhalation the airway pressure will be at 0 cm H O. The 2 OXYLATOR ® will cycle as in "continuous mode" if the oxygen release button (1) is held depressed constantly as in mode 2. 

2. CONTINUOUS CYCLE WITH BASELINE PRESSURE (PEEP) FOR NON BREATHING PATIENT - (should only be engaged when the inspiratory time does not exceed 2 seconds in an adult or 1 second in a child) The inhalator knob (13) is closed. The system will cycle continuously when the oxygen release button (1) is either continually depressed or held down and then rotated clockwise to seal and activate oxygen flow. This function overrides the inhalation mode automatically. The OXYLATOR ® will cycle from an inspiratory to expiratory cycle maintaining positive airway pressure throughout the cycle with a baseline pressure (PEEP) value of 2 to 4 cm H O. The system 2 will end the inspiratory cycle upon reaching the preset maximum airway pressure level indicated by the pressure release selector (10). This allows unassisted passive exhalation to take place until the expiratory flow diminishes to a level of 2 to 4 cm H O PEEP. Then, OXYLATOR ® will automatically start a 2 new inspiratory cycle. When an operator observes an abnormally long inspiratory phase (greater than 2 seconds in an adult or greater than 1 second in a child), the OXYLATOR ® should only be used in manually activated cycles. See mode 1. 

3. MANUALLY ACTIVATED CYCLE WITH BASELINE PRESSURE (PEEP) FOR NON BREATHING PATIENT - system will maintain a baseline pressure (PEEP) if the inhalator knob (13) is opened counter-clockwise and the OXYLATOR ® is operated as in mode 1. This will provide a baseline pressure (PEEP) of 2 to 4 cm H O.

4. INHALATION OF OXYGEN ENRICHED AMBIENT AIR FOR BREATHING PATIENT - system can be used in this mode by rotating the inhalator knob (13) counter-clockwise which will allow the air to be enriched
with oxygen as a patient breathes on his/her own. The oxygen release button (1) cannot be in a depressed
position in the inhalation mode.

Specifications of Oxylator® EMX


Oxylator EMX


250 g or 0,55 lbs


57 mm x 108 mm or 2,25 x 4,25 in

Housing material


Required source pressure

3,0 – 5,5 bar or 45-80 psi

Required flow source

Minimum 30 L/min.

Dead space

20 ml

Inspiratoiry flow rate (constant flow)

Maximum 30 L/min.

Average time of oxygen supply
(auto mode)

Ca. 12 L/min.

Average inspiration/expiration ratio

1 – 1 to 1:2 or manually controlled

PEEP (in automatic mode)

2-4 cm H2O

Ventilatory frquency

Auto-adjusting, to lung capacity and compliance in automatic mode

Pressure relief

20 – 45 cm H2O (14,5 - 35 mm Hg)

Expiratory resistance

5 cm H2O in manual mode

Suitable body mass range

Greater than 10 kg or 22 lbs

Oxygen concentration (FiO2)

100% in automatic mode and connected with oxygen source of 100% oxygen


Single use, viral / bacterial

Mask/airway connection

External 22 mm; internal 15 mm

Usage temperature range

-30 °C tot 60 °C or -22 F to 140 F

Storage temperature range

-40 °C tot 70 °C or -40F to 158 F

Obstructed airway warning

Rapid cycling, audible and visual

Oxygen inlet connection

DISS, ISO Standards


5 years, maintenance free warranty

*Technical specifications may vary slightly depending on the model and development

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